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All My Children
Episode Recap
June 7, 2008

Today on All My Children, Greenlee asks Jake point blank to take her to bed. Adam vows to exact revenge after the story about his being hospitalized hits the front page of the paper.

Disguised as a brunette hooker, Babe introduces herself as "Candy" to Treena, who decides to speak to her pimp about taking on the new girl. Kendall whines to Zach about Greenlee sabotaging Fusion, then becomes incensed when he defends her former friend's point of view.

At the hospital, Tad tells a surprised Krystal why he offered Adam his hand in gratitude. Greenlee assures Jake she was only kidding about wanting to have sex. Desperate to save Chandler Enterprises from going under, JR moves to do damage control.

Tony sends Treena and "Candy" to an assignation at a sleazy hotel. Jake and Greenlee trade tales of woe as they do shots together. Kendall snipes at an aggravated Zach for always taking Greenlee's side.

Tad suggests to Krystal that she's worried about how her feelings for her ex might be altered now that Adam has apparently abandoned the dark side. Meanwhile, Adam and JR hurl bitter accusations at one another.

Babe belatedly realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew as she comes face to face with her first "client." Before storming out of the house, Zach angrily advises his wife to stop obsessing over Greenlee and focus on their marriage instead.

Adam suspects that someone on the Chandler board leaked the story to the press. A sputtering Amanda finds herself under arrest for solicitation.

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All My Children
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