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All My Children
June 9, 2008
Episode Recap

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Greenlee and Josh end the night in bed together. At the precinct house, Amanda uses her one phone call to let JR know that Babe is in big trouble. As Zach finally returns home, Kendall fears her husband may have been with Greenlee.

Annie secretly begins taking fertility drugs in hopes of having Ryan impregnate her. Tad decides the time has come to tell Kathy the truth. Colby gives her father the cold shoulder when Adam tries to make amends. As "Candy" struggles to escape from her would-be clients, her wig falls off and Treena is startled to recognize Babe.

Tad gently breaks the news of Julia's death to Kathy. Though Josh suggests they go on a real date now that they're both single, Greenlee explains that she was actually only looking for a one night stand.

JR bursts into the motel room and rescues Babe, then pressures Treena to confess how she and Richie set him up. Aidan convinces the police to release Amanda with an apology for their mistake.

Annie begins her campaign to woo Ryan back into her arms. Zach informs Kendall he was merely at the gym, blowing off some steam. Tad and Krystal explain to Kathy how they're going to take care of her now. Ryan questions Annie after stumbling over a syringe.

JR thanks Babe for working so hard to help clear his name. Adam reaches out to an unhappy Kathy as Krystal looks on gratefully. Annie claims she's been taking B-12 shots and is pleased when Ryan offers to assist her with the injections. Greenlee and Aidan have an awkward encounter at Confusion.

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All My Children
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