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All My Children
March 11, 2008

Kendall takes Ryan on a trip down memory lane as she recounts the story of how they broke up. She reminds him that Greenlee played a major role in their break-up. Ryan confesses to Kendall that he didn't set Annie straight when she assumed his regained memory had been about her. Aidan secretly spies on Kendall and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) at the bar.

An obnoxious Adam makes Tad plead his case before agreeing to allow Krystal and Jenny to move back into the mansion for their protection.

Greenlee plays taskmaster at Fusion as she works with Babe, Amanda and Annie to try to develop the perfect scent for their new Charm fragrance. They finally come up with the right scent, but not before Greenlee lets some inner animosities about Kendall come to the surface.

Erica tries to keep a brave face in front of Jack as she covers her nerves about her impending court date. Jack wishes Erica would change her mind about pleading guilty but she's certain she making the right decision. Jack and Erica reminisce about their romantic times. Until next time on All My Children ...

All My Children
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