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All My Children
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March 12, 2008

Today on All My Children, Babe is shocked to learn Krystal moved back in with Adam. She decides to take Little Adam and move back to the mansion to support her mother. Richie bluntly tells JR that he's going to have a life with Babe and later pulls Babe into a kiss. Babe still doesn't believe JR's claim that he was drugged. JR forms a plan to get close to Babe: He announces he'll be moving into the Chandler Mansion with her!

Tad remains wary of Rob, who points out that the man he saw in Tad's office looks exactly like the "late" Jesse Hubbard. A manipulative Rob plays on Tad's sympathies in an attempt to win his trust. A lethal Rob dupes Mrs. Remington into believing he's trying to track down her son's killer ... Jesse. Jesse sorts through Remy's files and becomes more determined than ever to solve the mystery of what happened to him after finding a heartbreaking letter Angie wrote to Remy. Jesse thinks he might have uncovered a potential clue in Remy's date book.

Stuart questions Krystal about her feelings for Tad versus Adam. Krystal admits to Babe that being back in the mansion - and near Adam - is harder than she thought it would be.

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All My Children
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