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All My Children
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March 19, 2008

Kendall assures Zach that all she and Ryan did was reminisce when they met at the bar in L.A. Tad quietly tells a frightened Krystal that the people who are after Jesse have taken both Colby and Frankie hostage. Meanwhile, Jesse bitterly blames himself for putting his son's life in jeopardy.

Bearing a peace offering, Ryan again asks Annie for a chance to spend some time together. Aboard the private jet, Robert relishes the fact that he finally has Jesse right where he wants him. Pretending he's had a flash of memory specific to their relationship, Ryan persuades Annie to join him for dinner at Confusion. A frantic Adam begs Krystal to reveal the real reason his daughter has gone missing.

Tad echoes Angie's concern as she urges Jesse not to walk straight into his tormentor's trap. Upon learning the awful truth about Colby's predicament, Adam hisses at Krystal to stay out of his way from now on. Kendall snipes at Aidan for spying on her and then ratting her out to Zach. Bound together in the cargo hold of Robert's plane, Frankie and Colby admit how much they miss their families.

Stunned to see Jesse back from the dead, Adam lashes out at him and Tad. Though Kendall is pleased to hear about Ryan's memory returning, Greenlee easily sees through his charade. Angie confides to Krystal how terrified she is of losing both Frankie and Jesse.

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