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March 20, 2008
All My Children
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Today on All My Children, Krystal tries to keep a frantic Angie from losing hope. Meanwhile, Jesse pulls a gun on Adam to prevent him from calling the police. JR offers a wary Babe his support during her hospital visit with Richie. Frankie and Colby manage to wriggle free of their ropes and begin searching for some way out of the cargo hold. Certain Mrs. Remington knows more than she's saying, Angie decides to question her again.

Displaying the scars left by his torturers, Jesse warns Adam that the people who are holding his daughter mean business. Richie is irked to learn that Babe has moved back into the Chandler mansion. Frankie explains to an astonished Colby how his dad's death was faked 20 years earlier.

Angie and Krystal discover Remy's mother in the throes of an apparent heart attack.

Aboard the jet, Robert is revealed to be in possession of Mrs. Remington's prized necklace. Using an electronic device to disguise his voice, Robert phones Jesse to arrange a meeting at the airstrip.

Out of Babe's earshot, JR and Richie trade increasingly ominous threats.

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All My Children
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