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All My Children
Episode Recap, 3.28.08

Today on All My Children, Zach gets a bit irritated at the onset and advises Ryan to stop interfering in other people's marriages and start concentrating on his own.

Angie and Jesse settle in to enjoy some blissful domesticity for the first time in twenty years. Erica and Carmen discover that the truck in which they've hitched a ride is carrying boxes full of fashionable designer clothing.

Opal invites Robert to join her for a drink at Confusion. Zach gives Ryan a disturbing peek into his troubled past. Erica helps Carmen try on some of the haute couture.

Jesse dares to hope that he's finally going to be able to spend the rest of his days with his beloved wife. Ryan is appalled to see the videotape of his violent confrontation with Greenlee.

Robert assures a pleased Opal he'll use his pull as an "FBI agent" to try and assist in the search for her best gal pal. Kendall and Greenlee raise a toast to lessons learned. Angie and Jesse make love. As the tour of Ryan's former life continues, Zach brings him to the spot where he once faked his own death.

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All My Children
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