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All My Children
March 6, 2008

On today's All My Children, Babe complains to Annie about JR falling off the wagon yet again. Angie beams with pride as Frankie begins his internship at Pine Valley Hospital. Working together at the detective agency, Tad and Jesse search for new leads. Opal snarls at Robert when he introduces himself as Ray's brother.

Annie is surprised to learn that Richie has already received a lifesavingtransplant. A concerned Colby insists on taking JR to the emergency room when she realizes he's burning up with fever. Jesse speculates about Remy being the key to the puzzle. Frankie yearns to help bring Jesse's long nightmare to an end.

Opal apologizes to Robert after he explains how he also suffered at Ray's hands when they were young. Later, Opal and Krystal encourage Robert to hold baby Jenny. JR repeats for a skeptical Joe his wild tale about being abducted, drugged and framed by a hooker in a motel room. Richie issues an ominous warning to Trina.

Irked to find Robert, Tad wonders how long his uncle is sticking around. Frankie finds himself suddenly paired up with Colby for a new program which teams volunteers with interns. Alone with Krystal, Tad urges her to take Jenny and leave town for a while for safekeeping. Angie goes to visit Remy's mother.

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All My Children
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