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All My Children
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March 7, '08

On today's All My Children, Aidan arranges for a room service dinner for himself and Kendall. Downstairs, Ryan turns on the charm with the front desk clerk in an effort to woo her into turning over the key to Kendall's room. Angie introduces herself to John Remington's mother as one of Robert's goons watches from a nearby bush. Meanwhile, Frankie struggles to prevent his anxious dad from leaving the safety of the detective agency.

Over champagne and oysters, Aidan entertains Kendall by reciting romantic poetry by heart. Greenlee complains to Zach about Ryan failing to remember their days together. Pulling a gun on Angie, Mrs. Remington threatens to fire unless her uninvited guest reveals why she came by. Tad and Angie explain how they've been investigating her son's murder. Frankie fills Jesse in on how his family suffered when he "died" 20 years ago. Tipsy, Kendall and Aidan collapse, giggling onto the bed as Ryan walks in.

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All My Children
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