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All My Children
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May 1, 2008

Jackson hurries to the women's prison following an urgent call from a worried Carmen. Meanwhile, solitary confinement continues to wear Erica down both physically and mentally.

During his next therapy session, Ryan tells his analyst how the recent home invasion made him even more certain he did the right thing by moving back in. Across town, Annie deliberately inserts the pole dancing video into Fusion's big presentation in hopes that her inevitable dismissal will earn her more sympathy from her estranged husband.

A seething Greenlee demands that Zach explain why he's sending her fiance on what could likely be a suicide mission. Jackson insists on speaking with the warden to plead Erica's case.

Tad suggests to Aidan that he's taken on such a dangerous job in order to punish himself for sleeping with Kendall. Warden Hitchcock flatly refuses Jack's request to remove Erica from solitary and return her to the general prison population.

Ryan encourages a pleased Annie to come away with him and the kids on a family vacation. Greenlee finally convinces Zach not to put the man she loves in harm's way.

Later, however, Aidan insists on traveling to the Sudan after learning that the man who was kidnapped is none other than Tad's brother, Jake.

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All My Children
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