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All My Children
Episode Recap, 5/14/08

Today on All My Children ...

Jackson comes to the women's prison to meet with his newest client just as Kendall and Zach arrive to visit Erica. Ryan tells Annie he recalls making love with her in the stables but she accuses him of again faking a memory.

Greenlee calls for help after finding Jake on the floor of his hospital room. Robert spies on Cassandra as she searches through the Hubbards' apartment for "Mr. Trunks."

Annie wonders if her husband could be telling the truth after Ryan remembers another important moment from their shared past. Zach assures his mother-in-law that he and Kendall have completely cleared the air and are back on track.

Carmen informs Jack he still has a shot at winning Erica's heart. Frankie urges Jake to open up about his experiences in the war zone. As an excited Angie shows her daughter the plans she's making for the wedding, Jesse senses a shift in Cass' attitude towards having him officially join the family once more.

Kendall promises Zach she'll never underestimate him again. Realizing Frankie knows all too well what he's been through, Jake begins to describe some of the traumatic ordeals.

Thrilled that Ryan actually remembers her, Annie falls into his arms and they make love. Jackson accidentally switches cell phones with Kendall.

Later, believing she's calling her daughter, Erica blurts out to Jack how Kendall slept with Aidan. Jesse asks Cass why she has a problem with him. Greenlee sidesteps Aidan's questions about starting a family.

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