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All My Children
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on All My Children, Tad expresses his deep gratitude for the way his friend saved Jake's life. Jesse reminds Cassandra how they both want to make Angie happy, then assures the girl he would never presume to take her dad's place.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby recognizes the stuffed elephant with which little A is playing and decides to return the toy to her new friend

Kendall reports to Greenlee how well Erica seems to be adjusting to prison life. Cass explains to Jesse how strange it seems being part of a family again after spending so much time with just her father in Paris.

Tad fills Aidan in on the exciting progress he's made in his quest to locate Kate. Adam is appalled to see a mocking Dixie materialize in his living room once again.

Surprised when Cass admits she feels like an outsider, Jesse gently points out how much they actually have in common. Greenlee confides to Kendall why she doesn't think she ever wants children.

Babe tells Amanda she's determined to prove that Richie set up JR. Concerned by Adam's wild claims that he's being haunted by Dixie's ghost, JR calls Dr. Sinclair and arranges for his dad to be committed to Oak Haven.

Robert prepares a syringe as he listens in on Cass and Jesse's conversation. Kendall prods Greenlee to be honest with her fiance about her reluctance to be a mom. Babe decides to disguise herself as a hooker and befriend Treena in hopes of getting the goods on Richie.

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