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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on All My Children, Annie covers her hurt when she overhears Ryan admitting that he isn't sure he loves her. Desperate, Annie tries to seduce Ryan and casually mentions how Emma keeps asking about a baby brother or sister. Privately knowing his vasectomy had never been carried out, Annie's seduction attempt fails when Ryan gently rejects her. It only leaves Annie more determined than ever to get Ryan to love her again.

After bringing Cassandra out of her hypnotic state, Rob sneaks away before being seen by Stuart and Little Adam. Rob secretly watches as Stuart gives Cassandra back her stuffed elephant. Jesse becomes suspicious when Cassandra mentions she feels groggy and remembers feeling the same way when he was held captive. Angie warns Jesse not to go looking for trouble where none exists. Rob is heavily armed in his hotel room when an FBI agent arrives to question him about Papel.

Greenlee turns to Kendall for comfort after fearing she pushed Aidan away by admitting she doesn't want children.

Dixie's spirit urges Jake to stay in Pine Valley for Tad's sake. Tad visits Adam at Oak Haven and is certain Adam is losing his mind when he claims to see Dixie. Dixie warns Adam that his time is running out: He needs to tell Tad about Kate. Dixie is affected at seeing Tad.

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