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All My Children
Episode Guide, 5/22

Today on All My Children, a beaming Jesse and Angie share their first dance together after being declared husband and wife for the second time. Enraged at the thought of her fiance and her best friend sleeping together, Greenlee elects to bite back her fury and bide her time.

Opal coaxes Robert to take her for a spin around the floor while Dixie enjoys a dance with little Kathy. Greenlee informs a startled Kendall that she'd like her to carry a baby for herself and Aidan.

Babe tells JR she may have stumbled on a way to help him prove that Richie framed him. Frankie encourages Dre to make a connection with Cassandra. Certain his children are in danger, Adam hurries to the casino to save Colby and JR. Robert drugs Opal and locks her in a closet.

A seething Greenlee finally lets loose on Aidan and Kendall, then is appalled to realize that Zach already knew about the one night stand. Babe and JR slip away from the reception and check into a room, where they rip each other's clothes off and make love.

Robert finally locates "Mr. Trunks" but discovers he's too late to get his mitts on the diamond. Though Aidan implores his fiancee to understand how much he regrets his mistake, Greenlee spits out her hatred for both the people who betrayed her.

Adam attempts to drag Colby out of the ballroom but Jake and Tad intervene. Aidan bitterly accuses Zach of sending him to the Sudan in order to get him killed. Holding a gun in one hand and the diamond in the other, Jesse tells Robert he knows he's really Papel.

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