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All My Children
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May 27, 2008

Today on All My Children, Jesse's daring leap lands him on the side of the chopper and he battles with Robert for the gun. Meanwhile, Jake and Frankie lean over the wounded Tad. Angie regains consciousness and frantically attempts to get control of the wildly spinning helicopter.

Back in the ballroom, Opal kicks herself for letting Ray's brother con her so badly. Zach takes Greenlee home, where she begins trashing everything that reminds her of her cheating fiance. Jesse finally succeeds in throwing Robert from the chopper, then climbs in beside Angie and takes the throttle.

In the ER, Krystal reassures an injured Julia that Kathy never saw a thing. Dixie anxiously hovers over Tad as Jake works to staunch his brother's bleeding. Kendall admits to Ryan how Greenlee found out that she slept with Aidan.

Greg tries to calm a tearful Cassandra by reminding her how tough her mother has always been. Zach tells Greenlee how he came to terms with his wife's infidelity. Later, Greenlee removes her engagement ring and sobs in Zach's arms.

Frankie spots an armed Robert creeping up on Jake and wrestles the creep into submission. Jesse safely lands the helicopter as Angie clings to her heroic husband. Joe regretfully informs Julia that the bullet lacerated her liver.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam helps Colby distract Kathy when the girl begins asking for her "Aunt Julia." Though Jesse is sorely tempted to kill Robert, Frankie urges his father to make Papel pay for his sins by sitting in prison for the rest of his life.

Realizing she's dying, Julia asks Krystal to see to it that Kathy gets to Maria. Zach and Greenlee share a kiss. Frankie and Jake decide to use the chopper to fly Tad to the hospital.

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