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All My Children
May 6, 2008 Recap

Today on All My Children,

Kendall takes Greenlee to a bridal shopped to get her mind off Aidan. Although Kendall has arranged for the store to be closed, Greenlee invites Angie and Krystal to join her when the two arrive to find a dress for Angie. The four women have a great time as they all try on gowns and talk about the men in their lives. Angie finds the wedding dress of her dreams.

Tad is certain he's on the path to finding Kate as he and Jesse track down Hazel (Dr. Greg Madden's former assistant) to the seedy bar she runs outside of town. Jesse gains Hazel's gratitude by pretending to scare off some bikers he and Tad hired to pretend to rob the bar.

Ryan tells Zach that he wants to move on with his life regardless of the amnesia. Aidan pulls off a dangerous move when he's taken hostage by the rebels in Darfur and ends up being held with Jake. Aidan tells Jake he has a plan to save both their lives.

Adam asks Opal to use her psychic abilities to see if the mansion is haunted.

Babe understands when JR has to cancel spending time with Little A in order to tend to Chandler business. Treena, the hooker Richie hired to frame JR, blackmails Richie for more money or she'll go to JR with the truth. Babe recognizes Treena when she sees her in the park with Richie.

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