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All My Children
Episode Recap, 5.8.08

On today's All My Children, Aidan and Jake try to escape from their captors. Jake learns Aidan is engaged to Greenlee (his ex). Greenlee, Kendall, Zach and Ryan look on in horror as they watch a bound Aidan and Jake on the live feed they've set up. Aidan, however, has some sort of device in his hand and it seems to trigger an explosion as the group watches.

Erica calls Opal, who can tell how homesick her best gal pal is. Opal takes action and turns to Warren Buffet to try and get Erica released from prison. Carmen does her best to get Erica out of her funk and eventually succeeds. Erica's energy is renewed as she focuses on her crusade of changing things within the prison.

Babe admits to JR that she made a mistake and apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion about him as she explains how she saw Richie in the park with the hooker JR was caught with. She believes JR when he says Richie set him up. Richie blackmails Annie and threatens to expose her lies to Ryan.

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All My Children
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