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Tad tells Frankie he just met Taylor's "late" fiance in a VA hospital. After sex with David, Amanda ponders the reason for her slutty behavior.

Taylor admits to Jake how she can't shake the memory of her experience in Iraq. Following a call from a frantic-sounding Annie, Ryan fears for the safety of his missing daughter.

Annie calmly checks in with the woman she hired to care for Emma.

Krystal heads to the ER after suffering chest pains and shortness of breath.

Jesse reminds Rebecca how much he owes her but she insists it's time for him to let her go. Amanda explains to David that she slept with him because she was angry with JR.

Annie phones Ryan again and pretends to be terrified of her approaching "abductor." Frankie travels to Bethesda to see Brot.

Jesse promises Rebecca he'll take care of Natalia.

David examines Krystal, then informs her she suffered an anxiety attack. In Puerto Rico, Aidan cautions Ryan and Greenlee that they may be walking into a trap.

Brot angrily suggests that Frankie should have let him die back on the battlefield.

Aidan sucker punches Ryan and shackles him to a bar rail to keep him from going after Annie and Emma.

Jake begins doing physical therapy with Taylor.

Frankie berates Brot for lying to the woman who loved him and grieved for him. Amanda's sinking self-esteem drives her back to the bottle. After Aidan departs, Ryan demands that Greenlee untie him.

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