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Zach continues to record messages for the doctors to play for Kendall. Adam catches Pete skulking through the mansion at night.

On Pine Key, a badly weakened Aidan tries to come clean with Greenlee but takes another turn for the worse before he can get the words out.

Bianca, Reese and Zach reminisce about the night in Marseilles when they all decided to make a baby together. While Jesse holds back a frantic Annie, Ryan rushes into the burning church and carries Emma to safety.

Brot's mother comes to town to see Taylor.

Colby offers to sneak Brot back to the Chandler mansion and hide him in the secret passageways. Adam instructs Pete to keep an eye on Erica at Fusion. Reese and Bianca ask Zach to stand as godfather for baby Gabrielle.

Brot's mom admits that she knew about the engagement all along and thanks a tearful Taylor for making her son so happy in the months before he died.

Later, Taylor confides to an uneasy Frankie how close Brot seems to her lately. Jake warns Greenlee that Aidan's only chance of survival rests on an emergency transfer to Pine Valley Hospital.

Pete accuses an exasperated Colby of bringing home a new suitor. Ryan privately promises Greenlee that Annie will pay for everything she's done.

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