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Jake complains to Taylor about David butting in on Aidan's surgery. JR and Amanda share an awkward moment after coming dangerously close to a kiss.

At Confusion, Bianca works with Randi and Pete to prepare for the fundraiser to rebuild Pine Valley in the wake of the tornado.

Annie makes a dramatic escape from Ryan and Greenlee.

Colby brings Brot an early Thanksgiving dinner, then urges him to go home for the holiday and let his mom and Taylor know he's alive.

Zach informs Reese it will take a miracle to bring Kendall back to her family. Leaping to Jake's defense, Taylor berates David for his snotty attitude.

Brot reminds Colby why he can't suddenly reappear in the life of the woman who once loved him. Jesse puts out an APB on Annie but cautions Greenlee and Ryan they still need concrete proof that she arranged for Emma's kidnapping.

Annie daydreams about hosting a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner party for Ryan, Emma, Zach, Greenlee and Aidan.

Taylor tells Jake she can envision a future for herself in Pine Valley.

An irked Bianca overhears Amanda badmouthing Kendall to Reese.

At the boat house, Colby tries to prevent her brother from discovering Brot's hiding place. David explains to Jesse and Ryan how he was knocked cold by Annie after he found her acting out a fantasy.

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