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Krystal finds JR at Babe's grave and begs him not to take her grandson to Cali. David informs the board he intends to fund the construction of a brand new cardiology unit named after his daughter.

Tad discovers Taylor lying on the floor and moves to help but she insists on pulling herself into the wheelchair without assistance.

At Fusion, Erica announces to a startled Amanda and Randi that she's taking control of the company.

A Canadian specialist arrives to transport Kendall north to Toronto but Zach balks at allowing his wife to be transferred to another facility so far from home.

When Jake warns the other board members not to fall for Hayward's con job, David gleefully reveals how young Dr. Martin's wife ran off with a truck driver.

A weeping Krystal finally persuades JR to stay in Pine Valley.

Fresh off his humiliating encounter with David, Jake snarls at Taylor when she dares to give him some attitude.

Reese admits to Bianca how jealous she is of her fiancee's biological connection to their new baby daughter.

Certain Jake has fallen for Taylor, Amanda bitterly breaks things off with him. Erica forces Adam's hand by threatening to expose his latest crime unless he withdraws his lawsuit.

Tad discovers that his mysterious client called him from a VA hospital. Bianca breaks some big news to her mother, then introduces Erica to Reese.

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