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Tad comes face to face with his client at the VA hospital in Bethesda. An inebriated Amanda inadvertently calls David "Jake" following their kiss.

In Puerto Rico, Ryan is overcome with grief after unearthing Emma's coat in a shallow grave. Though Natalie urges her mother to fight for her life, Rebecca gently insists that it's her time to go.

Questioned by Tad, "Mike Sweeney" claims he was in Taylor's unit in Iraq and simply wanted to check up on his old pal.

Recalling how his own mother fell for Hayward's lies, JR reminds Krystal why she can't trust David. Meanwhile, David coaxes Amanda into spilling the beans about her fling with JR.

Aidan shows Ryan and Greenlee that the "bodies" in the grave are just mannequins wrapped in Emma and Annie's clothes.

A sympathetic Randi reaches out to Natalia. Tad tells Mike about Taylor's paralysis. Jesse promises a grateful Rebecca he'll be there for their daughter from now on.

Amanda is hurt to overhear JR trashing her to David. Tad returns to Pine Valley and learns from Frankie that Mike Sweeney died in combat.

Krystal awakens gasping from an erotic dream about David.

Taylor and Jake share a kiss. Tad realizes the wounded veteran he spoke to was actually the "late" Brot. Annie sends a deceptive message to Ryan.

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