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Erica prods Jackson to admit he still cares for her. Carmen overheads. Colby threatens to narc on her dad. In San Diego, JR and Babe prepare to make a fresh start.

Kendall confronts Annie after learning the truth about Richie's demise. Alarmed to find her husband menacing Ryan with a gun, Greenlee begs Aidan to put down the weapon.

Carmen asks Jack if he loves Erica.

Adam instructs Barry to force his son and Babe to return to Pine Valley by issuing subpoenas. Annie vows to take Zach down with her if Kendall turns her in for murdering Richie.

Handing Ryan his gun, Aidan icily informs Greenlee she's already killed him with her betrayal. Opal continues to be haunted by terrifying premonitions of impending doom.

Erica gently encourages Adam to let his grown children live in peace while he gets on with his own life. After Aidan storms off, Greenlee declares her love to Ryan and they share a passionate kiss.

Babe and JR look forward to tying the knot and having another baby as soon as possible. A fuming Carmen faces off with Erica, who counters with seething accusations of her own.

Zach and Kendall make love.

Finally pulling back from Ryan's embrace, Greenlee sadly reminds him why they can't recreate the past. Annie asks Pete to let her move in with him and his mom. Adam breaks up a tussle between Erica and her former friend, then fires Carmen on the spot.

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