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Maximus reminds Claudia how he used to know her dad. Carly heads to Kate's hospital room with an update on her chat with Sonny.

Sam thinks fast when Karpov catches her snooping around the pier.

Lucky reports to Alexis on his doubts about the Zacchara siblings' latest story. Jason warns Sonny that he'll only make matters worse if he goes to war with the Russian mob.

Claudia pretends to have the hots for a flustered Max, sending Diane into another jealous tizzy.

Tracy decides to go to Mexico and find Luke in hopes that his return to Port Charles will enable Lulu to recover.

Carly invites Olivia to join her for a drink. Claudia enjoys toying with Max in front of a fuming Diane.

Sonny angrily accuses Jason of throwing away everything he worked for years to build. Kate apologizes to Sonny for siccing his ex-wife on him.

As he bids farewell to Max and Milo, Maximus encourages his sons to find themselves some good wives. Claudia explains to Jason why she's so certain Karpov had nothing to do with the shooting at the church.

Olivia bonds with Carly over a round of cocktails. Sonny makes it clear to an anguished Kate that nothing will deter him from exacting his revenge.

Monica and Edward suspect Tracy of harboring ulterior motives in her quest to bring Luke home. Before leaving town, Maximus confides to Sonny how he knew all along that Max wasn't the big boss.

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