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Kendall finds Greenlee crying on the porch. JR, Babe and little A return to the Chandler mansion. Erica explains how Adam used the lawsuit as an excuse to bring his son back.

Ryan is placed under arrest and handcuffed after sucker punching a cop.

Warning that death is at their door, Opal implores Krystal and Tad to close down The Comeback. An exasperated Jesse gives Ryan a word to the wise before letting him off the hook.

Later, the police chief prepares for a rough night as tornados are spotted heading for town. Zach lends Greenlee a sympathetic ear when she tearfully ponders her uncertain future.

Pete and Tad look on in alarm as their mother suddenly turns pale, clutches her chest, and collapses on the floor.

Though Adam apologizes for the way he left things, JR icily insists that he and his family won't stay under the same roof with his dad.

Afterwards, Adam sadly admits to Erica how much JR's leaving has hurt him. Angie and Frankie perform CPR on Opal.

An embittered Aidan exchanges harsh words with Annie.

Tad asks Pete to stay behind and look after Colby while he goes to the hospital with Opal. Erica decides to turn Adam's new vulnerability to her own advantage.

Mindless of the approaching tornado, Greenlee goes to the gazebo to think and is soon joined by Ryan. Adam and Erica follow an intruder into the secret passageway and discover that someone has been living in one of the tunnels.

Annie panics to realize that Emma is missing. Kendall sends Zach out for supplies but worries when she hears the tornado sirens wailing.

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