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Tad checks on his wife and daughter. In the wreckage of The Comeback, Babe begs JR and the others to save little A.

Searching for Kendall amidst the ruins of the beach house, Zach is startled to come across a pregnant Bianca instead.

Inside the collapsed tunnel, Adam and Erica wait for rescue.

Aidan pulls Greenlee from the debris but is crushed when she immediately asks for Ryan. Krystal and JR agonize over a decision which could trade Babe's life for that of her son.

A policeman handcuffs Tad to a hospital bed to prevent him from leaving the building. Zach finally locates his wife and is alarmed to discover that she's barely breathing.

Erica demands the truth from Adam about his feelings for her. Angie works to staunch Babe's bleeding. Aidan frees Ryan from beneath a concrete slab.

Erica coyly assures Adam she had her own reasons for getting close to him. As another twister approaches, Babe reminds little A that they'll always be together in their hearts.

Tad convinces Jesse to spring him so he can help in the search effort.

Zach and Bianca discuss the baby they made and how Kendall will react to the news. Ryan repays Aidan with some heroism of his own.

Adam confesses to Erica how he contaminated "Bella."

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