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Frankie struggles to restart Kendall's heart and stabilize her. Bianca goes into labor and recalls how Miranda arrived on a stormy night.

Adam explains to Erica why he tainted the first few batches of "Bella."

Zach assures Bianca he's not angry that she never told him she was carrying his child. Pete regretfully informs Colby that her dad's jet took a direct hit from the tornado.

Meanwhile, inside the secret passageway, Adam admits to Erica he doesn't believe they will survive their current predicament.

Angie preps Babe for immediate surgery. Ryan reminds Greenlee they have to tell her husband the truth at their earliest opportunity.

With no ambulance in sight, Zach realizes he'll have to deliver Bianca's baby himself. Frankie is relieved to see Randi arrive at the hospital safe and sound.

Annie tries desperately to find someone to help her search for her abducted daughter. Krystal attempts to comfort an anguished JR as they wait for word on Babe.

After speaking with Corrine, Ryan discovers that Annie has been telling the truth about Emma. Colby learns that her father never made it to the airport. Erica reaches through a gap in the wall of collapsed rock and is startled when someone grabs her hand.

JR fights back tears when little A asks if he can give his mom his magic seashell to keep her safe. Later, Angie regretfully advises Krystal and JR to prepare themselves for the worst.

Sitting beside Kendall's hospital bed, Greenlee urges her unconscious friend to fight her way back to the people who love her.

With Zach's able assistance, Bianca delivers a healthy baby girl. Another cave-in in the tunnel spells new trouble for Adam and Erica. Jesse drops a bombshell on Angie when he reveals that he is Natalia's father.

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