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Colby fears her brother may have fallen off the wagon but JR assures her he hasn't. David reminds Krystal how their daughter lost her life.

Emma's kidnapper calls Ryan again with new instructions.

Adam gives Pete a one way ticket to London and advises him to depart before Erica drops her bombshell about the tainting of "Bella."

Krystal offers to post David's bail if he'll promise to leave Pine Valley and never come back. Natalia confides to Angie why she doesn't want to have any children of her own.

Greenlee tries to convince Zach to go home to his boys but he stubbornly refuses to leave Kendall's bedside.

JR faces the difficult task of explaining to little A that his mother isn't coming back. David finally agrees to Krystal's terms.

At the hospital, Bianca introduces her new daughter to Jackson.

Jesse suggests to Annie and Ryan that they're hiding evidence of an abduction out of fear that the kidnapper will punish Emma if they contact the authorities.

Zach invites Bianca to move in.

Though Natalie pushes her mom to speak with Jesse, Rebecca insists things are not that simple. Later, Rebecca reassures Angie she came to town only for her daughter.

Adam and JR are appalled to find David with little A. Aidan, Ryan and Annie watch a video message demanding ten million dollars for Emma's safe return.

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