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Zach and Kendall rush Emma to the hospital. Amanda reports to Greenlee that the response to "Bella" is off the charts. Stuart encounters Taylor jogging.

After Annie again claims she spotted an intruder, JR and Babe suggest to their houseguest that her imagination is working overtime.

As Jake runs a battery of tests on Emma, other patients arrive in the ER with severe symptoms of allergic outbreaks and tell Angie they believe a new perfume is to blame.

Jesse calls Annie down to the precinct house to question her about the gun.

Zach objects when Kendall notifies Ryan about Emma's illness but deliberately neglects to phone the child's mother.

Unaware that her husband planted a bug on her earring, Greenlee describes for Amanda how her love for Aidan has been slow and steady.

Kendall gets an earful from an angry customer about "Bella" making his bride sick on their wedding day.

JR accuses Erica of conspiring with his father to steal Fusion.

After Kendall brings bad news back to her coworkers, Amanda sheepishly admits she knew about a possible problem before the shipment went out.

Annie hurries over to the Slaters' upon hearing about her daughter's fever. Taylor grudgingly confesses to Jake how vulnerable he makes her feel.

Ryan asks Stuart to deliver his latest painting to Emma. A seething Kendall confronts Adam with her suspicions.

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