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Dr. Price assures Zach he has evidence of Annie's instability. Amanda bemoans the mess her "brainstorm" has made of Fusion.

Opal shakily tells Jake how her premonitions of doom have increased by leaps and bounds. Taylor asks Frankie to accompany her on a visit to Brot's mother.

Aidan continues to secretly monitor Greenlee's every move by planting additional listening devices in another set of his wife's earrings.

Annie's erratic behavior convinces JR that the woman has truly become unhinged. Opal warns Ryan how he was featured in a recent dream which left her fearing for his safety.

Annie returns to the shrink's office to complain about the way everyone has been treating her like a head case. Taylor and Frankie meet Mrs. Monroe for the first time. Colby shares an emotional farewell with her brother.

Meanwhile, Babe resigns from Fusion and confesses to her astounded coworkers how she had been plotting to take over the company.

As Zach listens in, Annie blurts out to Dr. Price that she killed her brother. Ryan reminds Greenlee how they were destined to be together.

Taylor is startled to learn that Brot never even mentioned her to his mom. The FDA notifies Kendall that it's closing Fusion down while it investigates the tainted perfume.

Greenlee finally pulls back from Ryan's kiss, insisting she can't break her wedding vows. Amanda tearfully informs Jake that her entire fortune is gone.

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