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Jake admits to Tad that part of the reason he's decided to stick around Pine Valley is because of a budding new romance.

Amanda asks Taylor if she's interested in Jake.

Though Kendall insists that Annie is once more faking a medical problem for attention, Greenlee suggests her friend keep her negativity to herself for a change.

Angie again argues with Frankie about him being redeployed.

Ryan apologizes to Annie for losing his temper and getting her so worked up.

Angie offers to help her son fake an injury to prevent him from being sent back to Iraq, but Frankie flatly refuses to lie to avoid honoring his commitment to the military.

Taylor tells Amanda she respects Jake for the work he's done in Africa but has little else in common with the man.

Tad teases his brother about robbing the cradle upon learning that Jake has been hooking up with Amanda.

Ryan confides to Zach how he feels like he doesn't deserve a family.

Ignoring Greenlee's advice, Kendall slips into Annie's hospital room to give her nemesis a piece of her mind.

Desperate to protect Frankie, Angie appeals to Randi for assistance.

Zach assures a gloomy Ryan he's been a wonderful father to Emma and Spike. Randi urges Frankie not to leave just when they've started to get to know one another.

Kendall bitterly accuses Annie of using her pregnancy to trap Ryan.

After Annie suffers another onset of severe abdominal cramps, Zach and an angry Greenlee both take Kendall to task for meddling. Tad catches Jesse in a lie.

Ryan and Annie are devastated to learn that their unborn child is gone.

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