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Angie confides to Tad how unnerved she is by the recent rash of hang-up calls. Ryan attempts to console Annie.

Randi urges Frankie to run away with her rather than redeploy to Iraq.

Jake arrives at the yacht for his dinner date with Amanda but finds Taylor there instead.

Kendall, Greenlee, Zach and Aidan learn of Annie's miscarriage.

Misinterpreting his wife's anguished remarks, Ryan assures her she's not to blame for the loss of their unborn child.

Taylor tells Jake how much she envies Frankie's orders to return to combat. Apologizing to Ryan for her lies, Annie admits how she faked the automobile accident and how she tried to use Emma and the new baby to hold on to a man who no longer loves her.

Later, Aidan encourages a grateful Greenlee to go offer Ryan her comfort.

As Richie taunts her about leaving out a crucial part of her confession, Annie finally summons up the strength to dismiss her dead brother from her mind.

Amanda returns for her evening with Jake and notes the intense vibe between him and her roommate.

A puzzled Tad looks on as Jesse asks Angie to stay away from his phone from now on. Frankie reminds Randi why he feels he must honor his obligation to his fellow soldiers.

Aidan promises Zach he never has to lay eyes on Josh again. Ryan sadly tells Greenlee that he always hurts the ones he loves.

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