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Erica informs Opal that her son has been spending an inordinate amount of time at the Chandler mansion. Adam instructs Pete to carry out the next phase of their plan that night under cover of darkness.

Babe says yes to JR's proposal. Greenlee offers Ryan her consolation after finding him drowning his sorrows at Confusion. Zach asks Kendall straight out if she's unhappy in their marriage.

Opal is flabbergasted yet again when Erica reveals that she has a dinner date with Adam. Ryan fervently declares his love to a flustered Greenlee. JR and Babe happily begin planning another wedding.

Kendall storms out of the house after giving Zach a piece of her mind.

Greenlee reminds Ryan how shattered she was each time he broke her heart, then declares that she cannot be his support any longer because she's devoted to her husband.

Worried about his old friend, Tad asks Aidan to swipe the phone records of Pine Valley's police chief. Palmer grounds a protesting Pete after hearing how he's been consorting with the enemy.

Greenlee blasts Kendall for shoving Ryan in her direction once again. Tad scoffs at Aidan's suggestion that Jesse might be cheating on his wife.

Over dinner at the yacht club, Erica becomes unnerved by the sound of approaching thunder. Pete slips away from his parents and heads to Fusion late at night. Aidan springs a romantic surprise on Greenlee.

Adam displays his vulnerable side to Erica after she confesses how terrified she is of storms. Kendall decides to bring Spike to Ryan to cheer him up. Opal has a sudden premonition of doom about Pete.

What happens next? Tune in next week to All My Children!

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