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Randi confides to Amanda how nervous she is about her first launch party at Fusion. Erica offers Ryan a sympathetic ear after finding him sitting alone on the beach.

Babe invites Annie and Emma to move into the Chandler mansion until they get back on their feet. Kendall warns her employees that their promotion of an untested product could give the whole company a black eye.

Revealing how his wife left him, Ryan admits to Erica that he may never have truly loved Annie but is devastated at being separated from his daughter. Tad tells Angie how relieved he is that Kathy finally seems to be bonding with Krystal.

Richie reappears and commends his sister for taking the next step on the road to revenge. Amanda and Babe bicker about whose photo should be used in the print ads for "Bella."

Mindful of the deal he struck with Pete, Adam encourages his annoyed daughter to attend the Fusion bash with Palmer's son. Kathy again finds fault with her stepmother despite Krystal's best efforts to connect with the child.

Unaware of Adam's sabotage scheme, JR reports to his father how Babe's new fragrance should put her over the top with her bosses.

Ryan regretfully explains to an agitated Emma why he can't live with her and her mom any more. Tad stumbles over the doll Kathy beheaded. Meanwhile, Kathy seizes a golden opportunity to wreak havoc on Krystal.

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