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Taylor explains to Jake how she instinctively reacted to Fletcher's attack. Ryan confronts Annie after learning that she was ordered onto bed rest.

Pete admits to Adam he's uncertain what effects the tainted perfume will actually have on Colby. Zach is appalled to learn that someone has embezzled twenty million dollars from Cambias Industries.

Annie angrily reminds Ryan that she doesn't require his presence or his input to care for her unborn child.

With the press milling around, Amanda and Babe frantically attempt to keep the lid on the fact that a man died during their launch party.

A dismayed JR assumes his kid sister has been drinking again after Colby begins behaving oddly. Jesse apologizes to Randi for being unable to protect her despite a police guard.

Later, Jesse takes Taylor down to the station house for questioning after she reveals that she broke Fletcher's neck.

Greenlee accuses Kendall of secretly loving the fact that "Bella's" premiere was a total fiasco. Zach vows to find the person who's been stealing from him for months.

Though JR prods his dad to send Colby straight to rehab, Adam nervously insists the girl will be fine. Kendall warns Amanda she'll pull the plug on her new product if any negative stories hit the air.

Jesse decides to declare Taylor's actions a case of self-defense. A woozy Colby asks Pete if he drugged her. Annie cautions an irked Aidan that his new bride is making a fool of him.

Randi thanks Taylor for saving her life. Greenlee offers Ryan a sympathetic shoulder as he bemoans losing his kids.

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