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Annie warns Aidan that Greenlee is up on the roof with Ryan.

Jesse tells Angie how good their son was with Randi.

Jake gently encourages Taylor to open up about her war time experience by giving her some insight into his years with Doctors Without Borders.

Josh appeals to Kendall for help clearing up a "misunderstanding" with her husband.

Zach orders his men to bring the embezzler in.

As Greenlee listens to Ryan's complaints about his wife, Aidan arrives and angrily orders his rival to back off.

Randi and Frankie grow closer in the wake of Fletcher's death.

Fighting back tears, Taylor discloses to Jake how her fiance died during an attack in Baghdad.

Zach's goons grab Josh and drag him to the casino.

Randi confides to Frankie how she's never really had sex where true feelings were involved.

Jesse hesitantly reveals to Angie that he was committed to a mental hospital for one year after suffering a nervous breakdown.

Adam assures Annie his plan is still on track. Greenlee snarls at Aidan when he forbids her to see Ryan again.

Frankie receives redeployment papers.

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All My Children
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