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Richie eggs Annie on as she contemplates the best way to kill Greenlee. Kendall warns Zach they'll be through if he harms her brother.

Josh appears on Erica's doorstep. Angie again urges her son not to return to Iraq but Frankie reminds her why he has no choice.

ngie vents her fear and anger on Jesse. Annie hits upon a way to rid herself of her rival. Josh lies to his mother when she asks him straight out if he stole from Zach.

Kendall gets nowhere appealing to her incensed husband to reconsider. A sorrowful Taylor can't stop thinking about the attack which ended her fiance's life.

Josh asks Erica for enough money to leave Pine Valley. Unwilling to lose her son after so many years apart, Erica insists she can put things right for him with Zach.

Frankie breaks his news to Taylor, who cheerfully congratulates him on his wonderful "luck." Kendall discovers Josh stealing cash from their mother's safe.

Jesse admits to Angie that he's been keeping another secret. While lurking in the Chandlers' garden late at night, Pete gets an eyeful when Annie goes skinny dipping in her host's pool.

Kendall calls Ryan for help getting Josh safely out of town. Frankie dampens Taylor's enthusiasm when he reveals that he doesn't want to go back to the war.

Annie catches Pete peeking at her but assures the young man she's not angry.

Erica cautions Zach to leave Josh alone. Despite her bravado in front of Frankie, Taylor continues to be haunted by memories of the battles she endured.

Annie advises Pete to pull out all the stops in his quest to win Colby's heart.

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