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Adam boasts about Chandler Enterprises turning a profit. JR asks if he's going to have Annie sign a pre nuptial agreement.

Erica surprises Zach and is curious to hear Spike point to his mother's half-empty juice glass.

Zach lies that Spike's been asking him to set a place for her every day.

Erica responds that he better make sure no other woman uses it. Later, Kendall warns Zach about his scheme coming undone when he suggests she write a letter "from prison" to her mother.

With Liza by his side, Zach asks Adam for a million and a half dollar loan. Adam refuses to fund Kendall's appeal but Zach explains that the money will help him meet his payroll.

He offers him his house and his business as collateral. Annie's not pleased when Adam tells Liza to draw up the loan agreement.

He confides to Annie that the man is coming to terms with what his wife has done. Assuring her this isn't about business, Adam tells an upset Annie that he's doing this deal for her sake.

Afterwards, Liza invites Zach to dinner but he turns down the offer.

David's curious when he overhears JR lashing out at Scott. Marissa sees through her when Krystal encourages her to trust JR.

Later, JR manages to get Marissa to forget about the deal David offered him. When he warns a threatening David that he may be falling in love with her, David leaves so JR turns to Marissa and kisses her.

At the hospital Tad tries to calm a bedridden Opal as he assures her that he and Taylor are doing everything they can to try to find the missing baby. Jake calls to report that the phone number David has been calling is to a phone in a bar in Gloucester.

Kendall surprises Zach with a romantic dinner but her plans are in danger when Liza arrives at the door.

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All My Children
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