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Madison orders Jesse to close the investigation into her husband's death.

She wants this so she can get the insurance money. Grabbing her arm, he points out she'll be charged with accessory after the fact.

When Liza notices the table is set for two, Zach claims he sometimes does this so he feels close to Kendall.

When Zach realizes Kendall can be seen, he distracts Liza by loudly insisting that he loves his wife.

Unaware Randi is in a motel room, taking care of Trevor, Angie reports to Frankie and Natalia that there is still no sign of his wife.

Angie confronts Jesse at the station house and leaks that Randi is missing. When he tries to run out, Angie stops him and demands to know what he's keeping from her or else she is going to end their marriage.

Angie asks if Randi killed the D.A. and is taken aback when Jesse can't deny it. Natalia finds Randi in her room at the Pine Cone Motel with the baby and admits she traced her there using her credit card.

She insists they bring the baby to the station house but Randi refuses and pleads with her not to turn the baby in because she feels she was meant to be with him.

Madison tells Frankie that Randi and North were "very involved" up until his death. She also lies that Randi killed her husband and suggests he ask his father to confirm it.

Frankie runs to find his father and is shocked to hear them arguing. After suffering through Joe protecting her from any possible disease or illness during her charity trip out of the country, Ryan congratulates Erica on what she is doing.

After enjoying a day in New York, Erica tells Ryan she's going to miss him while she's gone and he responds with a kiss.

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