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Kendall stops Zach as he starts to read her romantic words on her laptop. Liza and Adam confirm Ryan is loaning Zach money, so Ryan confronts him at home and argues about why he's abandoned Kendall.

Kendall hears them argue and later accuses Zach of hiding her to punish her and Ryan. Later, Kendall suffers chest pains. Angie tells Jesse that she understands why he did what he did to protect Randi.

Frankie doesn't think it's possible when Randi talks about adopting the abandoned baby. But he surprises her when he decides not to tell Angie and Jesse about the infant.

Erica is surprised to find an amused Krystal is her tent mate for their African charity adventure. After Krystal lectures her about being a celebrity and having an attitude, Erica surprises her by revealing she's done her homework where these children are concerned.

In the middle of the night, Erica wakes to hear Krystal crying out, afraid of the scorpion on her chest. Jack interrupts Scott and Annie as they argue about her interest in Adam and his money.

He explains that Dr. Nolan has decided she is competent to stand trial and will have a competency hearing.

She asks if she can remove her ankle bracelet but Jack hints that she is going to have to spend some time in prison. Adam interrupts and claims that he'll make sure she never goes to prison.

Jack reveals he's leaving the country but Adam assures them he'll find a new lawyer for her hearing. Scott asks Adam if he was lying when he told him that Stuart was inspiring him to be a better man.

Later, a flirtatious Annie approaches Scott but he angrily tells her to go to bed.

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