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Zach lectures Kendall about slipping out of her room. Kendall rages about Liza. She then turns on the charm and kisses him on his bruised cheek.

Zach pulls back so she dares him to tell her he doesn't love her.

Describing her hot moment on the casino tables with Zach when she first came back to Pine Valley, Liza confesses to Tad that she does have feelings for Zach.

Liza returns to see Zach and as she kisses him, Kendall knocks her out with her laptop.

When Angie finds JR collapsed in the hospital corridor, she examines him as he admits that he hasn't had a drink since Stuart was killed.

He tries to leave but Angie insists that she run some tests, promising no one will get their hands on the results.

Later, she decides to admit him because of his low blood count.

David is curious when Amanda talks about her lost baby but Jake insists she's upset because of all the stress David has caused her since her pregnancy.

Adam is furious when Judge Robinson decides that Ryan can stay for Annie's competency hearing. Adam makes an impassioned plea for his future bride but Ryan asks the judge to make sure that his daughter stays safe by keeping Annie from her.

Judge Robinson decides that Annie is competent to stand trial but adds that she is to remain at the Chandler mansion with an ankle monitor. He states that she is not allowed a visit with her daughter.

The judge later warns Adam to get a better lawyer. Annie calls Ryan and vows to get her daughter back once her trial is over.

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