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David threatens to shoot Liza. She David that Tad wanted them both to think that her baby was Amanda's. Liza tells the doctor she has no idea where the baby is.

But when he vows to make the Martin family pay for all the anguish they have caused him, Liza points out that rather than worry about where his son may be, he's focused on killing Jake.

Natalia stares in disbelief as Randi tells her, Jesse and Frankie that she killed North and that Jesse helped cover it up.

While Jesse explains what he did and why he did it to his daughter, Angie works hard to convince Randi that the baby needs to be turned in to the police.

Erica returns from Africa and almost uncovers Kendall's hidden room.

When she decides to move in with him, Zach accuses her of doing this because of Liza but then offers her the guest room, much to Kendall's displeasure. Tad's pleased when Taylor stops by for a visit.

As the two settle in to watch another episode of their favorite telenovela, JR interrupts with Little A. Tad sends Taylor home with a kiss and then learns about Adam accusing JR of drinking again.

He urges him to do everything he can to fight the cancer and stay alive for his son's sake. Later, a frantic Liza warns Tad that David knows everything.

When a nurse mentions seeing Frankie grabbing some IVs in pediatrics, Jake tells Amanda that this is all the proof he needs to confirm her sighting of her baby.

After Jake fails to respond to a hospital page, David watches a TV news report about the finding of a baby and hurries to the station house where he faces off with Amanda and Jake about his baby.

JR meets with Dr. Alison Kahn and announces he wants to start treatment as soon as possible.

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