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Aidan advises Annie that she'll be back at Oak Haven with a new doctor. David orders Krystal not to answer his phone.

He then takes a call from his snooping nurse at the hospital about being needed.

Reminding JR of the lousy financial instate of the family business, Adam orders him to back off from making "generous" donations at the hospital.

Ryan seeks help from Opal contacting Greenlee but she has no luck.

Eyeing Amanda's chart, David warns Frankie about falsifying information for a patient.

Ms. Stillman explains to Bianca, Kendall and Erica that Gaby cannot be removed from the country until the custody matter is solved.

Erica decides they must prove Reese is an unfit mother though Bianca is uneasy with the plan.

Zach interrupts and announces that Reese came to him for help but he told her to pack and leave town. Unimpressed, Kendall asks him what he really thinks about the custody.

Ryan is taken aback when Reese asks for his help fighting Bianca. He lashes out at her and claims it's over, reminding her she can't bring Greenlee back from the dead.

Realizing he's right, Reese tells Bianca that she will sign over full custody to her tomorrow in hopes that one day she will forgive her.

Later, Adam warns Reese that she's making a mistake.

Adam advises Erica that he wants his investment back from Fusion.

After her failed attempt to blackmail him by claiming she saw him at the inn the day of the wedding, David pushes Amanda for quicker results and warns her that Adam will soon be out of the picture.

Zach comes home and finds Kendall has his own, separate bedroom prepared for him.

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