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Zach's thrilled to bring Kendall home from the hospital. After Greenlee warns that Fusion is in the tank, she asks Pete to hack into Erica's computer.

After Erica returns to work unexpectedly, Adam arrives and demands his investment back. Greenlee boasts that the company's revenues are off 30 percent because Erica made everything about her.

Erica threatens to fire her. Krystal tells David that she can't marry him because she fears Tad won't allow her joint custody of their kids.

Hearing him order flowers for the room in the east wing, Adam asks JR who is coming for a visit. He explains that he's moving in and then insists that he is the father of Amanda's baby.

Adam barks that she's not fit to raise any baby, especially a Chandler and laughs when he claims she'll be a great mom.

Krystal stops by the mansion and when Adam leaks that Amanda is pregnant, she remembers David admitting his short-lived affair with Amanda. Adam tells JR she won't move into the mansion because of Adam.

As they argue, she collapses in pain. Taken to the hospital, Frankie uses an ultrasound and assures her that she'll be fine.

However, she panics to realize that David is the father of her unborn baby. Pushed by Randi, Frankie changes the ultrasound test results to show that JR is the father.

Amanda then accepts JR's offer of a place to stay. David assures Krystal that he's not the father of Amanda's baby.

Jesse's not pleased to hear Jake conspiring with Angie to cover up the break-in at David's place. Jake insists he's to blame so he and Jesse come up with a plan to deal with David.

Jake then breaks into David's locker and steals his pill bottles.

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