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Sensing she's angry, Zach insists that Kendall tell him what she's feeling. She admits she feels like a stranger in her own home.

He urges her to know that she is loved. Bianca advises Reese that she's wrong if she claims that she knows her sister.

She points out all Kendall has been through and wonders why she doesn't just back off.

Reese counters that Bianca is choosing Kendall over her and guesses that Bianca blames her for getting Zach to agree to father their baby.

Later at the casino, Reese opens up to Zach about marrying not only Bianca but the rest of her family. Greenlee and Pete are taken aback when Erica admits that she needs Greenlee's help at Fusion for Kendall's sake.

Greenlee brings Kendall a dress for the wedding and gets her to open up about how upset she is that Zach fathered Bianca and Reese's baby.

Greenlee confirms she would feel the same way.

Back at the office, when Pete loses his contact lenses, he calls Colby for help and the two renew their friendship.

She suggests that she liked the old Pete better, glasses and all.

Ryan is stunned to find Aidan at Oak Haven and learns he's trying to help Annie. In the other room, Riley apologizes to Annie for coming on so strong but then challenges her to remember killing Richie again.

Annie gets the upperhand when she compares her doctor's actions to those of her deranged brother. When Riley enters his room, Ryan hides behind the door and listens as she chats with Aidan.

After she leaves, Aidan explains to Ryan that he's got the doctor convinced that he wants Annie put away too in order to get back at Ryan.

He's astounded when Annie opens the vent and talks about her last meeting with Riley. Ryan agrees to work with Aidan to make sure Annie gets the help that she needs.

Later, as he tries to leave, Riley spots Ryan exiting.

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