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Kendall's family and friends are thrilled as David announces the transplant surgery was a success. Erica assures Bianca and Zach that she would have given her own heart.

As Jesse does some snooping about the shooting, Ryan comments to Reese and Greenlee about Zach shooting the man who could help save Kendall's life.

He then encourages Erica to realize that she did the right thing and that Kendall will live because of Josh.

Jack offers his sympathies and takes her back to her room where he presses her about their relationship. Zach worries to Bianca that Kendall will always see him as the person who killed her brother.

Bianca then insists that Zach go home to his kids and asks Reese to drive him. After he urges her not to postpone the wedding for Kendall's sake, Bianca assures Ryan that she's decided she wants to marry Reese.

Showing him the pills she had tested, Angie accuses David of turning Krystal into an addict.

He warns that she could lose her job because of this accusation and when Jesse arrives, he demands that Jesse arrest her for breaking and entering.

Bringing Amanda prenatal vitamins, Jake apologizes for being "an ass" and offers to help her.

Throwing the bottle back at him, Amanda announces that she's getting an abortion because there is no way she's ready to be a mom.

Still drinking, JR assures his son that he wants to play with him but explains that he needs to take another sip from his glass first.

But as he knocks over the boy's blocks and hugs him, Little A tells him he stinks and runs from the room. Later, at the docks, Amanda hears JR claim that his son is afraid of him and urges JR to get sober.

As he rages at himself, he stumbles into the water so Amanda dives in to save him.

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All My Children
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