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Ben Copeland introduces himself to Jake as his attorney for his hearing today. Amanda is upset to find JR craving a drink.

When Colby arrives, she blames Amanda for his drinking troubles.

JR defends his friend and orders his sister to go home to Adam, calling her a stupid kid.

After a few drinks, JR comes on to Amanda and invites her to "rock the boat" like they did last night.

As she protests, David barges in.

Amanda leaves and seeks help from Jake. When they return to the yacht later, she panics to find them both gone and a bloody oar left behind.

Having tied up the doctor to a leg of the grand piano at Wildwind, a tipsy JR demands that David confess to trying to seduce Krystal and to trying to take his son from him.

Upset to see Reese having fun with Zach again, Bianca gives her a hard time about her last engagement.

When Jake and Greenlee arrive to talk about the double wedding plans, Zach agrees with the idea of having the event at the casino until Bianca snaps that it's not acceptable.

While Reese confides in Greenlee about Erica's claim that she's lusting after Zach, Ryan gets Bianca to admit she's bothered by seeing how close Reese is to Zach.

Sensing she wants to try to trap the two, Ryan warns his friend that it's a bad idea. Taylor confides to Jake that she's taking her time with her physical therapy in order to keep Brot in town longer.

But back at her place later, Brot eyes her moving around the apartment and then dances with her before he figures what she's been doing.

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