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Emma explains she'd like Greenlee to help out at school. Ryan asks if she'd like Greenlee to be more than a friend.

He explains he and her mommy have decided not to be together anymore. Emma asks if she can attend the wedding and agrees to be the flower girl.

When JR threatens to kill him in front of Krystal, David taunts him to do the deed.

After JR fires another shot into the ceiling, he presses Krystal to confirm that she slept with David.

Krystal refuses to confirm it but when David claims they were simply helping each other through the pain, JR calls them disgusting and walks out.

After untying him, Krystal convinces David not to call the police because he needs help. David agrees but vows to make him pay his own special way.

Reese comes up with a solution to meet Bianca later to find the perfect honeymoon spot but Bianca puts her off.

Bianca then runs to Ryan who again insists that Zach would never cheat on Kendall. Greenlee adds her own advice and suggests she's close to losing Reese.

Meanwhile, Reese complains to a sympathetic Zach about the lack of "alone time" she and Bianca have had over the past few months. Opal urges Erica to trust Bianca's judgment where Reese is concerned.

When she stops by, Erica chastises Reese in front of Zach and claims that she can see their connection though Bianca can't.

Later, Bianca spots Zach comforting Reese. Opal and Kathy are thrilled when Tad walks in the door. Worried about Krystal, Opal excuses herself and rushes to find her friend and finds David kissing her.

Blasting her for lying to her face, Opal warns Krystal that Tad is home, looking for her. Kathy lets slip to Tad that "Dr. David" was over during Christmas.

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