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Erica pushes Aidan to get what they need to prove Annie guilty. The two then listen to Annie lashing out at Kendall for thinking she killed Stuart.

Fearing Kendall's in trouble, Erica rushes to interrupt. When she does, Adam arrives and orders them both to get out of his house.

Later, Aidan watches as Annie remembers seeing Adam fall and then finding the gun on the terrace slate floor. He admits he thinks she did kill Stuart but she screams to force him to leave.

Later, Adam advises Annie that she's sleeping with him tonight.

After she claims she just wants reassurances that her baby will be safe, Jake tells Amanda a story about placing her son with a loving couple, a vet and teacher who also have a cute little dog who have been waiting for the perfect child to come along.

After the D.A. leaves his office, Zach blasts Ryan from approaching North but Ryan tells him about Tad's memory coming back.

Finding her gambling again, North angrily confronts his wife for talking with his opponents in the Chandler murder case and warns her to stay in line or they'll never make it to the governor's mansion.

Later, Madison confides to Zach that her husband cheats on her and adds that she thinks her husband is planning another weekend getaway, without her.

She mentions that her husband never got over losing his one "great" love.

North confronts Randi and tries to force her to go away with him this weekend by dropping a hint about causing Jesse trouble.

As he leaves her room, a curious Zach spots him. Jesse approaches as Kendall asks Tad to not to tell anyone he saw her out on the Chandler terrace.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

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