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Zach asks Madison what she wants in return for her husband's notes for Kendall's trial. Madison says she'll come up with something later.

She  then reveals that she knows who the killer is, thanks to a security video she has from the hotel.

Madison convinces him to take the briefcase.

As Kendall apologizes to Ryan for being so focused on proving Annie guilty of shooting Stuart, she's shocked when her mother emerges from the bathroom, wearing one of Ryan's shirts.

Later, Erica explains how she and Ryan got drenched. Krystal warns Jake and Liza that David thinks her baby is really his and wants a DNA test performed.

After she leaves, Liza panics but Jake claims he can fix the results and get David off their back forever.

Krystal approaches David about Liza's baby and he interrupts, lying that he was wrong to think Liza's baby was his. She agrees that it was just his grief making him think this way.

David then asks if she still loves him, wondering if she will give him a second chance. She confirms their love but claims his love is self-destructive.

Now that North is dead, Willis seeks Jesse's help with the Chandler murder case. Ryan tells Aidan that he's giving up on proving Annie is guilty.

Showing her the case filled with North's secrets, Zach tells Liza that she needs it to prove that Kendall is innocent.

Though she tries to back out of the case, he insists that she be Kendall's attorney or else her secret may come out. Kendall refuses to have Liza represent her.

Jesse stops by the Chandler mansion to question Annie who tells herself she'll marry Adam. After Marissa offers to babysit Stuart for her, Liza wonders aloud to Chloe if they can trust her.

Marissa talks to David about taking care of Stuart today and he realizes that she has some of the baby's DNA on her.

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